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Can’t get enough of Wimpy Kid?
Check out these must-have products for mega fans!

WHERE'S Manny?

Greg has lost sight of his little brother and it’s up to you to help find him! Take on the roles of Greg, his family, and friends to figure out WHERE Manny has wandered off, WHO he’s with, and WHAT distracted him!

Calling all book lovers!

Are you looking for the perfect Wimpy Kid read? Look no further.

Hot off the press!

TONS of branded apparel for fans of all ages! Whether you're spending a day outdoors or more of an indoor person, these looks will have you covered!


Awesome Friendly Classroom Kit

No Brainer Tote Bag

Looking for a tote bag to carry your Wimpy Kid books? This one is a NO BRAINER!

Awesome Friendly Classroom Kit

Löded Diper Tote Bag

Iconic for holding your belongings while still looking like a rockstar!

Awesome Friendly Classroom Kit

Greg Heffley Tote Bag

When you’re pretty much the best person you know and need a bag to match that vibe.

Awesome Friendly Classroom Kit

Löded Diper Holographic Decal

Want to elevate your rockstar status to a whole new level? This is the sticker for you! It's a great addition to your drum set, laptop, notebook and more!